A Culture of Growth (How People Talk about Culture at ABSI)

We have a vision. It is this vision that we at ABSI are aspiring towards. A point in the sky to where we hope to grow. It is this:

“To be the number one shared services company in the Philippines and Asia by 2029, trusted by its partners, loved by its employees and respected by communities where it operates through its focus on people development and unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and efficiency.”

We know in our hearts WHAT we want to achieve. But HOW must we navigate the waters? How do we get there?

Every day, we work towards our goal by nurturing a culture of growth. Culture being the result of an interplay between our company’s vision, our mission and purpose, the values we hold dear, and a work environment that seeks to fan the spark inside each and every one of our employees.

At ABSI, our mission is thus: “We exist to create purposeful growth for our business partners and employees through Above and Beyond Service Innovation.” By nurturing a work culture that aims to grow the talents and skills of our employees, we then would be able to grow the businesses of our clients and partners. By lifting our people Above and Beyond their initial potentials, we would be able to provide Above and Beyond Service Innovation –– a promise embedded into our DNA.

Though currently separated by a necessity to work remotely, we still manage to provide a work environment that nurtures collaboration. We are as good apart as we are together. A sense of belongingness and trust pervades each and every task we do and share, contributing to the growth of our company and of our clients.

Our inclusive environment welcomes all kinds of passionate people. We want ABSI to be the place where people’s potentials can grow. We hope to provide a fertile soil from which creative and innovative ideas can spring forth. We want ABSI to be the one fanning the spark in individuals in the hopes of drawing forth the fire of passion and purpose –– no matter who you are.

At ABSI, we like to think ours is a company of thoughtful visionaries, trusted experts, and committed partners.

As thoughtful visionaries, we encourage having a future-forward mindset at work. This means approaching tasks with an aim to be innovative, while at the same time injecting meaning into our work by being thoughtful and intentional. We believe this will help us stay ahead in the industry.

As trusted experts, our clients can count on our experience and skills to help transform their own businesses and workforces. We always strive to work efficiently and effectively day in and day out. With a culture bent towards growth, we always work to reach the next level. You can trust us on that.

As committed partners, we believe that a personal and human touch in this line of business is essential –– because behind every great business is an effective teamwork between individuals, all of whom have something unique to bring to the table. We believe businesses thrive better when it is run with understanding, collaboration, and empathy. It is how we achieve holistic growth, not just for our company but also for the clients we consider our partners in industry.


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