Keeping Your People Motivated and Productive in a Virtual Setting

Gary Ona, General Manager of ABSI talked about how the company drives its people amid crises at the I.T. & Business Process Association of the Philippines Knowledge and Networking Session. His talk focused on three ingredients to remote success – tools, people, and process.

Digital tools, laptops, and internet devices were sent out to everyone to enable working remotely and therefore, safely. We have moved from the conference rooms to Zoom. Files were shared via the cloud. Conversations between work buddies were continued via hangouts. All of this proves that with the right tools, collaboration and engagement are still feasible.

The uncertainty of the times can pull the rug out from beneath anyone’s feet. We made sure that the people’s health and well-being were at the forefront of all considerations. By doing so, we have launched programs that aim to address the mental health concerns of our employees. We have also partnered with a 24/7 telehealth app so that our employees can get unlimited access to consultations from licensed doctors anytime.

We at ABSI have discussions on a daily basis, checking on each other’s progress and lifting those not meeting their potential. These two-pronged discussions help us make sure that everyone is not having problems with their tasks and is meeting their respective deadlines without a hitch. However, there are also days wherein we take a break from meetings such as Zoom-free Fridays. Constant communication as well as allocating time for work and play—helps us ensure the overall productivity and satisfaction of our team despite physical distance.

Adapting to what has been labeled as the “new normal” is a must. At such an unprecedented time, we had to go above and beyond to empower our people.


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