Riding the Waves: BPO Trends

In 2020, businesses were not spared by the wrath of a new virus. While lives had been taken by this novel coronavirus, those untouched by it or survived it had to –– and continue to –– grapple with the drastic changes and upending of everything familiar and predictable. Businesses that relied on the stability of their markets either had to roll with the punches or turn off the lights and nail shutters on their doors.

The BPO industry is a lucky one. Despite the tidal wave of a crumbling economy, it has managed to stand and even thrive in this life-changing pandemic. The services that this industry provides to businesses have proven to be essential in surviving the disruptions brought on by a world in flux.

We’ve ridden the waves of the early part of this pandemic. Here are the trends that we will continue to ride on to continue growing as a company and even expanding those of others.

Remote Work
Working from home has proven to be an effective strategy for business continuity. When the pandemic put the world to a screeching halt, BPO companies that had their people continue working from outside their office cubicles made a demonstration of their company’s resilience and ability to adapt to business disruptions. This is inviting for clients who want to see the same efficiency mirrored by their companies. Besides, such a continuity strategy is key to elevating a company to new heights.

Our Head in the Clouds
Partnering with cloud providers has become the standard in major enterprises. It promises business continuity, low cost, and security –– all of which are pertinent factors in the thriving of companies especially in this current climate of economic downturn and unpredictability. Companies are partnering with BPO’s to gain access to this technological strategy while enjoying efficiency, productivity, and maximized budgets.

One-Trick Ponies are Out
There’s more to BPO companies than providing call center agents. Businesses are now looking to outsource more services than one, all for the sake of efficiency and a smooth workflow. The amplification of productivity becomes apparent after engaging a BPO company that provides several skills for different needs. Your company isn’t a one-trick pony––we aren’t either.

Advanced Robotics and Automation
What’s an innovative company without innovation? So far in this pandemic, we have relied on technology to keep us afloat. We will use the same to improve the business processes of clients and provide them with better management and faster service. As processes are streamlined, efficiency is amplified, and errors are reduced to an almost intangible degree. It’s almost a sci-fi dream! And yet behind this advancement, people enjoy reaping the benefits of a workflow made easy and convenient.

Looking Ahead

These are unprecedented times which are witnessing a lot of businesses fall. The BPO industry is lucky to not find itself in the same situation. It continues to thrive and look forward to exciting trends and opportunities. In fact, in a forecast by the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP): the industry will see growth and expansion in healthcare (between 7.3% to 10.8%), and in gaming and animation (between 7.3% to 12.3%) through 2022.

(Figures from https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/analysis/healthy-prospects-emerging-business-process-outsourcing-segments-are-positioned-offset-fall-demand )


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